## Introduction My name is [[About Me|Justin Walker]]. I am… - Conductor of the [[Brevard Chorale]] and [[Brevard Community Chorus]] (Fall 2024) - Director of the [[Harbor City Harmonizers]] - Music Director at [[Pineda Presbyterian Church]] - A [[Lessons|private music instructor]] (especially [[Voice]]) - A [[Composer]], primarily of [[Choral music]] - A husband and father of three children. - Interested [[Philosophy]], [[Productivity]], [[Video games]], and the works of [[Tolkien, J.R.R.]]. ## What is this? This website is similar to a personal [[Wikipedia]], with a few extra features (sliding pages, for example; just open another link and you'll see what I mean). The idea is that you will go [[Down the rabbit hole]] (🐇) exploring available notes you find interesting, but you can also search or use the links in the sidebar for specific topics. Since [[Voice|Singing]] is one of my main areas of [[Expertise]], I consider it one of the more valuable areas to explore. As you may have already noticed, there is going to be some messiness, inaccuracies, and dead links ("This page does not yet exist.") here. This website is based on [[Personal Knowledge Management]] so everything here is based on my thoughts, judgments, and understandings about the topics included. As a result, everything will always be "under construction" ([[Semper reformanda]]); you can read more of my thoughts on *why* I did this at the [[Working in public]] page. Questions? Feel free to [[Contact me]].